Brand Promotion

We ensure the customer connects with our clients’ product on a level that matters. We organize events and marketing and promotional activities that will infiltrate your choice of market segments effectively

Movie Premiere 

Want to premiere the last upcoming blockbuster? Want your audience to leave the theatre talking about the great experience? Rapture Events makes sure you give your audience the experience of a lifetime

Crew Management

We at Rapture events supply certified and experienced personnel for long-term or short -term requirements.

We have expertise and understanding of providing immediate assistance and back-fill as well.

We understand the need to fill a vacancy promptly that to make sure your business is not affected due to absences.



Stage Shows

We at Rapture events have expertise in organizing magnificent and spectacular events. We craft the event according to your brand, the theme of your choice, your budget and all that you expect from your show. We make sure your brand captures the mind space of your audience. We don’t just organize a show for you, we make it an experience of a lifetime

Music Concerts

We at Rapture events, feel music is to entertainment what oxygen is to life. We organise seamless musicals and glamorous concert that are spectacularly mesmerising and would surpass your expectation.

Private Events

We at Rapture events, know what it takes to put life into moments. We add a unique personal touch to your special day that creating an ambience that reflects nothing but your love!




We at Rapture events, meticulously plan, organise and execute your corporate conference that are aimed at providing you an unforgetful experience.

Our goal is simple – provide our clients with exceptional event that enhances your brand and products/services offerings, help widen your customer network and build new lasting partnerships.

Corporate Parties

Are you looking for a

luxurious cocktail party to celebrate a project success?

From a themed party revolving around your corporate values and culture to an extravagant celebration, we can make it all happen!

We produce bespoke parties for our renowned clients who don't want their folks to be at "just another party". Everything we do is tailored for clients as per their needs and budget. Our quest for perfection creates a truly memorable day for your people.

Employee Fun Days

We at Rapture events, 

Organise & Create 

events and other Employee Engagement Programs and Activities for Employees, Staff Members of any respective organisation or a company. 

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